National Company Bucharest Airports

24 March 2014

Programs and strategies


  1. The Strategic program for airport infrastructure development at Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport


  • Government Ordinance No 64/1999 for the approval of the Strategic program for airport infrastructure development at Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport, as amended and approved by Law No 220/2002, as subsequently amended and supplemented.
  • Government Decision No 655/2018 for the approval of the technical and economic indicators of the investment objective of national interest and public utility “Strategic program for airport infrastructure development at Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport”.
  • Law No 255/2010 regarding the expropriation for a public utility cause, necessary for the achievement of national, county level and local interest objectives.


Stage   I  Approval of the Urban Zoning Plan (implemented);

Stage II Development of the activities percursory to the Airport Infrastructure Development Strategic Program implementation (in the process of implementing): 

  • II.1.  Drawing up and approval of the feasibility study (implemented);
  • II.2. Drawing up and approval of technico-economical documentations for the approved feasibility studies (completed at the company level);
  • II.3. The acquisition of the necessary lands to implement the approved investment objectives; 
  • II.4. Obtaining the necessary autorizations and approvals prior to starting the works.

Stage III Airport Infrastructure Development Strategic Program works completion: 

  • III.1. Development of land transport infrastructure to provide access to the eastern area of Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport;
  • III.2. Developing the airport infrastructure needed for processing the passenger traffic by developing a new terminal, taxiway systems and necessary platforms; 
  • III.3. Developing the airport infrastructure necessary for the processing of freight and mail traffic by creating a multi-modal cargo platform; Implementation of a “High tech” technological park for the development of related activities of air transportation.


  • The total value of the investment (including VAT)        4.752.181 (thousands RON)

of which Construction                                3.051.129 (thousands RON)

  •  Duration                                                                     60 months
  • The main investment objectives:
    • Modular passengers terminal – developed area - 100,000 sq.m;
    • 2 modules x 1,500 pax/hour/flow;
    • 25 boarding gates (13 for air-bridge boarding, 12 for bus boarding); 
    • Aprons: 650,000 sq.m;
    • 56 new parking stands;
    • connections to the current runway system;
  • Taxiway system: 266,000 sq.m;
  • Car parks (ground and multi-level): 9,600 stands;
  • Connection roads (both the landside and airside areas);
  • Auxiliary / Support Infrastructure: 22,100 sq.m – Administration building; Technical Center; Social Block; Building Maintenance; Vehicle Maintenance Building; Ground Service Equipment Area; Fire Fighting Station;
  • Air Traffic Control Building and Tower;
  • Safety and Security; Utilities; Facilities;
  • Fitting of the land for: the cargo area; the industrial area; the commercial area; the high-tech park.


  1. Multiannual program for development and capital repairs to the BHCIA surface area.



Short and medium term– Refurbishment and modernization of AIBB-AV:


  • Completing the stages of investment, whose objective is the modernisation of the main terminal.

           The main objective – Ensure an estimated processing capacity of at least 350,000 pax / year.

  • Construction of a fire fighting facility with connection roads and water supply area.