National Company Bucharest Airports

07 December 2015

Relay Day at the airport - November 19, 2015

Given the success ”Relay Day” had in previous years, on November 19, 2015, we organized the fourth edition of the project. The event brought 30 children from schools in Bucharest, Ialomita and Râmnicu Vîlcea, fulfilling their dream of becoming, for one day, a Henri Coandă International airport marshaller. 

The event "Relay Day" is dedicated to celebrating the International Children's Rights Day, on November 20. On this occasion, a large number of events are organized worldwide by governments and especially by the civil society, in order to highlight the need to respect children's rights. Bucharest Airports National Company and its civil society partners dedicated this day to children's participation in marshalling activities on the airports platforms. As before, Tavi Berleanu, Chief of Ground Traffic Control, fulfilled his mentor responsibility with great professionalism and showed his willingness to share his expertise and abilities. The children participating in the event received detailed explanations about the marshaller’s responsibilities and Mr. Berleanu was overwhelmed by questions about his daily problems and challenges.

By involving in this project, CNAB offered again a memorable experience for the young visitors at Bucharest "Henri Coanda" International Airport, showing them how one can turn work into passion.