National Company Bucharest Airports

18 December 2021

Reducing the waiting time for entering and leaving the country at Henri Coandă Airport

From December 18 - additional measures to reduce the waiting time for entry and exit from the country at Henri Coandă Airport, at the request of Deputy Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu.

At the request of Deputy Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, new measures have been taken to manage a growing traffic on the international arrivals flow, starting with December 18.

In this respect, the handling agents will sequence the disembarkation of the passengers in groups of 50, at an interval of 15 minutes. This ensures better conditions for the distance of passengers on buses, on the flow and in the document verification area. Passengers arriving from the European Union (or from Norway, Switzerland, Iceland or Liechtenstein) with a European COVID green certificate will be directed by airport staff on the green flow, directly to the border counters. Priority will be given to families with minors and people with reduced mobility.

On the international arrivals flow, some passengers will be directed to the charter flights flow, where there are 4 additional DSP counters and 4 passport checkpoints, with related staff, including airport staff.
In the terminal, especially in the areas where congestion is created, the staff of the Gendarmerie and the Air Transport Police are supplemented and the number of DSP doctors will be increased by 6 per shift, at peak arrival times.

Introducing the Passenger Locator Form on December 20, simplifies document control operations, which is done only at the Border Police counters. This will greatly reduce the waiting time.

As a large number of passengers are estimated to be on the international departures flow, both after Christmas and especially during the first days of January 2022, all Security control filters have been opened and they will operate at full capacity during peak hours, and the allocation of check-in counters to airlines / handling agencies will be done dynamically, for a balanced load and to reduce congestion.