Parking for minibuses without trailer

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Starting 01.08.2014, vehicles or minibuses, of an unladen weight exceeding 2500 kg (2.5 t) and the ones with more than 7 seats is allowed only in the Est Department parking (P5).
Also, vehicles exceeding  2  metres are prohibited for Public parking P2 ( Arrivals).

  • Minimum 100 lei/ 24 hours (VAT INCLUDED)

  • For the first four days the parking charge is 100 lei / 24 hours. For a period between 5 to 30 days, an extra 10 lei/day is added for each extra day of parking (example: 7 days – 430  lei; 30 days – 660 days)

    The maximum duration of use of this car park is 30 days. Each day of parking is paid in full, no matter how many hours the car is parked (parking fee is fractional).

    Attention! Tariff for issuing a duplicate ticket in case of loss, damage or failure to present the parking ticket: 100 lei (if the vehicle is identified in the database) + payment of the parking fee.

    Tariff for issuing a single exit ticket in case of loss, damage or failure to present the parking ticket: 500 lei (if the vehicle is not identified in the database).


In order to avoid unpleasant situations, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the significance of the indicators located within the airport perimeter, to all displayed information as well as to the indications of the guarding agents.

Any comments / complaints on the modality of providing the parking services shall be deposited:


See the map for this parking area (P 5).

Long term parking map


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