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1909 The first flights in Băneasa area were operated by Louis Berlioy from a private hippodrome.

1912 The National Air League organizes the first flight school in Băneasa. After 1912 the aerodrome becomes an airport and aeronautical activities will be diversified and expanded, including a civil school of piloting and the Royal Romanian Air Club.

1920 The French Romanian Company of Air Navigation was founded using Romanian capital and French technical equipment. This was the first transport company in the world meant to serve passengers, goods and mail.

12th November 1922 The first transcontinental air line (Paris-Strasburg-Prague-Vienna- Bucharest (Băneasa)-Constantinople) was inaugurated.

1923 The workshops of the French Romanian Company of air Navigation were established at Băneasa Airport. Their activities consisted in repairing and producing spare parts and basic components. These workshops preceded the current Aeronautical Constructions Enterprise ROMAERO

1930 Conventions with Poland and Czechoslovakia were signed, which contributed to the development of Bucharest Băneasa as an international airport.

1947-1952 The new building of the air terminal was built. Its shape was conceived as a propeller with three blades, according to the designs of a group of architects and for this reason it is considered as an architectural jewelry of Romania.

Until the 1970, Băneasa airport was the single airport of Bucharest and the only international airport of Romania.


Airport Location

Bucharest Băneasa-Aurel Vlaicu International Airport is located in the North side of Bucharest city .

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